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Commercial and Residential Services

· Fire and flood restoration, water abatement, and moisture control,

· Indoor in-wall and other dehumidifier installations,

· New or existing construction radon mitigation, Anti-Microbial pre-/post-treatments, and mold remediation,

· Outdoor moldy deck and building Anti-Microbial treatment,

· Move-in and move-out home cleanings, eviction or other types of cleanouts,

· Nationwide remote phone and/or video consultations and inspections

· The sale of Commercial and Residential probiotic diffusers, UV lights with the ability to add to HVAC units, and a few different lines and brands of air purifiers up to 3000 sq ft (Air Doctor, GreenTech, and more soon).

Mold, Meth, and other environmental contaminant testing such as: Air, Tape, Swab, Cultures, VOC, Radon, Bacteria, Soil, and Water, etc.

· Mold remediation, prevention, and inspections consisting of thermal imaging, wind pressure/flow rate, airborne particulate sampling along with swab/tape samples, humidity, VOC/particulate (PM 2.5, PM 10 detection), radon testing, moisture, and CO2 readings,

· Meth Lab clean-ups, testing, and remediation,

· Radon testing and mitigation,

· Complete crawlspace servicing consisting of encapsulation, vapor barrier, sump pump, and dehumidifier installations, foundation waterproofing, French drain, etc.,

· Commercial, Residential, and Vehicular Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) treatments for mold and odor control,

Mold Inspections and Estimates

Same Day Appointments

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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